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Rail Map of the South West with Timetables

and showing links to other parts of the country

Our Heart of Wessex Line, Bristol to Weymouth, is shown in red. Bruton is at B between Castle Cary and Westbury; Gillingham at G between Yeovil and Salisbury. To get the timetable for any line click on the underlined place names in this table. You may then have to scroll down in a list to find the right one.

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Beyond London! Eurostar; DB





 Base map reproduced by kind permission of the Heart of Wessex Rail Partnership

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Arriva 2

Arriva 3


Central 1

West 1




Central 3

SW20 SW20



Central 3

Central 3

Further information about travel around and to or from the South West is on the About Rail Links page, and a fuller range of timetables is on the Other Timetables page. Main continental links via London are included on this map to remind us that there are alternatives to air travel; more, and some exotic ones too, are at the bottom of the Useful Links page.

Bristol - Bruton - Weymouth: Central 3

London Waterloo - Gillingham (Dorset) - Exeter: SW20

Heart of Wessex

Weymouth - Bournemouth - London Waterloo: SW28

London Paddington - Castle Cary - Plymouth: West 1

Bristol - Midlands - Scotland: CrossCountry

London Paddington - Bristol and South Wales: Central 1

Cardiff to West Wales or Midlands and North: Arriva

Westbury to Cardiff or Portsmouth & S. Coast Central 3

Southampton - Brighton: Sou thern 13



O Portsmouth