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At Bruton there is no problem with getting onto trains on Platform 1, leaving for Bristol and stations on the way there, or for trains arriving from Weymouth and stations on the way from there.

     The difficulty is with trains arriving at Platform 2 from the Bristol direction or leaving in the Weymouth direction, since the footbridge over the tracks has no ramp for wheelchairs. Construction of a ramp would involve huge capital costs, and many other places would have priority before Bruton for any funds available. First Great Western have now said that people in the Bruton area can ring them by 6 pm on the day before travel so that they can arrange transport for you to or from Castle Cary station, where you can be escorted across the tracks. The number for this service is 0800 197 1329, but you may find yourself in a queue.


At Castle Cary the problem is also because of a footbridge with no wheelchair ramp, affecting passengers using Platforms 2 and 3, arriving from London or Bristol or leaving for Exeter and the west, and all those arriving from or going to Yeovil, Weymouth, and stations on the way. Call First Great Western on 0800 197 1329 by 6 pm on the day before travel to arrange to be escorted across the tracks, as long as you are travelling at a time when there are staff on duty.


To find out more about the layout and facilities at any of the four stations click on the name of the one you want: Bruton, Castle Cary, Westbury or Gillingham. At the bottom of the page about each station you’ll find a line about Accessibility and Mobility Access: click on the link at the end of the line to see a drop-down list.


For more detailed information from First Great Western see their Assisted Travel page, or from South West Trains their Assisted Travel page.






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